Construction Employers’ Association


  • Aaron Alhady, General Manager, Design Build
    Clark Pacific
  • Blair Allison, President
    Cahill Contractors
  • Mark Bley, Chairman of the Board
    Dome Construction Corp.
  • Patrick Callahan, Senior Vice President & Director of Operations for Northern California
    Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company
  • Mark Carnathan, President, Northern California
    Largo Concrete, Inc.
  • Gordon Childress, Executive Vice President and General Manager
    Skanska USA Building, Inc.
  • Ryan Diel, Chief Operating Officer
    Harris Construction Company, Inc.
  • Michael DiNapoli, General Manager, Northern California
    Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.
  • Jon Foad, President
    Rudolph and Sletten, Inc.
  • Arthur Gardner, Executive Vice President
    Alcal Specialty Contracting, Inc.
  • Randy Griffin, President
    James R. Griffin, Inc.
  • Rick Martellaro, President
    Lathrop Construction Associates, Inc.
  • Terry McKellips, Vice President, San Francisco & East Bay
    Swinerton Builders
  • Rob McLean, Executive Vice President/COO
    Roebbelen Contracting, Inc.
  • Dana McManus, CEO
    S.J. Amoroso Construction Co., Inc.
  • Dan Oliver, Secretary, CFO
    Rodan Builders, Inc.
  • Michael Popp, Vice President of Safety/Director of Risk Management
    XL Construction Corporation
  • Colby Powell, Chief Operating Officer
    C. Overaa & Company
  • Frank Redle, Director of National Labor Relations
    DPR Construction
  • William Stronck, President
    Gonsalves & Stronck Construction Company, Inc.
  • John Stump, President
    Flint Builders, Inc.
  • Paul Thompson, President
    Thompson Builders Corp.


  • Robert Alten, President/CEO
    Alten Construction, Inc.
  • Robert Erskine, President, Northern California
    S.J. Amoroso Construction Co., Inc.
  • Ben Kerr, President
    Peck & Hiller Co.
  • David Lee, Senior Vice President
    Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company
  • Larry Nibbi, CEO
    Nibbi Bros. Associates, Inc.
  • Robert Nibbi, President
    Nibbi Bros. Associates, Inc.
  • Gerald Overaa, Chairman of the Board
    C. Overaa & Company
  • Chuck Palley
    Cahill Contractors, Inc.
  • Chris Plue, Senior Vice President
    Webcor BuildersĀ 
  • Mark Scherschel
    Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company
  • Scott Smith, President/CEO
    James E. Roberts-Obayashi Corp.
  • Roy Van Pelt
    Lathrop Construction Associates, Inc.
  • Howard Verrinder
    C. Overaa & Company